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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

Focus on being productive instead of busy. -- Tim Ferriss

Ethernet is now working in Zephyr on Olimex ESP32 POE

We have been working on getting Zephyr/Ethernet working on a Olimex ESP32 POE device. Olimex supports Arduino, but not Zephyr, so it took a little bit of work to pull this together.


See discussion here

Discussion with Eystein Stenberg from 🎙️

Great discussion with Eystein on updating systems, how Mender has evolved over the last ~10 years, and more:

  • Eystein has a background in Math and cryptography
  • Company started as CFEngine
  • Things people tend to not think about with system update:
    • security
    • reliability (power loss, does it resume downloads when there are network issues, etc.)
    • future products – is the solution general
    • scheduling
    • updating multiple devices in the system
  • Mendor milestones
    1. OSS release
    2. SaS service
    3. advanced environments, complex deployments, orchestration, etc
  • OSS foundation
    • open-core model
    • product led growth
    • is working well
  • Programming languages
    • Switching the Mender client from Go to C++ so the client is more portable.
  • Platform vs Product
    • Product – narrow set of problems, pick what you need, less vendor lock-in
    • Platform – wide focus and tends toward locked in
  • Interesting in the technology space
    • Bootloader standardization would help a lot
    • ARM System Ready looks interesting.
  • Advice for young engineers

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