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Welcome to the 78th issue of TMPDIR, a weekly newsletter 📰 helping teams build connected, data-intensive products by exploring the latest open source Linux and IoT technologies, workflows, and best practices. Please pass this on to anyone else who is interested in unlocking the power of open source.

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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. -- Confucius

Yoe 2024.05 release 🚀

May release of Yoe Distro is available. As is usual with rolling release, useful features and fixes keep rolling in along with important security fixes implicitly fixed in newer components.

  • GCC has been upgraded to 14.1 which is a major release, while yoe distro uses clang for most of C/C++ packages, there still are some components which still need GCC e.g. GNU C library, Linux Kernel while can be built with LLVM these days, yocto still defaults to use GCC and so does Yoe.
  • LLVM Linker ( LLD ) is now used as default linker for RISCV targets, LLD is used as default linker in yoe for other architectures, it was not used for RISCV until now due to few issues in RISCV related relocations and missing inker relaxations which are now available
  • SimpleIOT is upgraded to 0.16.0 release, which implements integration with yoe updater eventually this can be an integrated OTA for Yoe users.
  • A new versioning scheme YY.MM.VER is adopted for images e.g. 24.05.x which can make it easy to identify the images coming from given release
  • RPI machines using systemd were impacted by network interface renaming seen with kernel 6.6 is fixed.
  • Yocto has introduced a new UNPACKDIR for containing the output of unpack task, earlier it was mix of source (S) and workdir (WORKDIR), this change does mean that recipes needed adjusting where S or WORKDIR were used and actually were pointing to artifacts of unpack tasks.

The Yoe release now includes an update user interface

The Yoe distro comes bundled with Simple IoT and optionally the Yoe Kiosk Browser. There is now a user interface to manage updates:

update ui

You can point your device at the BEC update server (or any HTTP server) by setting the Update server to:

You can manage updates locally, or if you sync your device to a cloud instance of SIOT, you can manage updates from the cloud as well.

We are still in the process of deploying updates for other supported machines.

While there are other more sophisticated update projects, the Yoe Updater in combination with the SIOT update client provides a simple solution that will work with any HTTP server -- no complicated sever setup is required. This simple solution is robust and is adequate for many products.

Zephyr on the ESP32

We started exploring the use of Zephyr on the ESP32 (both Xtensa and RISC-V variants). So far it is looking good!

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