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Welcome to the 77th issue of TMPDIR, a weekly newsletter 📰 helping teams build connected, data-intensive products by exploring the latest open source Linux and IoT technologies, workflows, and best practices. Please pass this on to anyone else who is interested in unlocking the power of open source.

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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

Programmers are always surrounded by complexity; we cannot avoid it. Our applications are complex because we are ambitious to use our computers in ever more sophisticated ways. Programming is complex because of the large number of conflicting objectives for each of our programming projects. If our basic tool, the language in which we design and code our programs, is also complicated, the language itself becomes part of the problem rather than part of its solution. -- Tony Hoare

🎙️Discussion with Drew Moseley from Toradex

We had a great discussion with Drew Moseley from Toradex about Embedded Linux, System Update mechanism, challenges, and the future.

Listen here or on your favorite podcast platform.

RISCV meetup

Bay Area RISC-V Group resumed its activities after a long hiatus with a local meetup held this week There was a good presence and enthusiasm in the meetup, Khem presented a refreshed OverView on state of OpenSource Software on RISC-V, second talk was on gcc-14 release: what's latest and greatest for RISC-V The big highlight on GCC-14 release for RISC-V is Autovectorization works well there are other interesting optimizations e.g. constant synthesis and sign-extention elimination improvements, overall this could result in significant improvements on code generation and optimizations. SPEC shows improved performance over GCC-14 in almost all benchmarks.

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