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Welcome to the 72nd issue of TMPDIR, a weekly newsletter 📰 helping teams build connected, data-intensive products by exploring the latest open source Linux and IoT technologies, workflows, and best practices. Please pass this on to anyone else who is interested in unlocking the power of open source.

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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes. -- Daniel Kahneman

Yoe 2024.03 release 🚀

March release of Yoe Distro is available. As is usual with rolling release, useful features and fixes keep rolling in along with important security fixes implicitly fixed in newer components. This release has many new changes.

  • Yoe Distro defaults to LLVM/clang for C/C++ compiler and this release upgrades the compiler to 18.x major release, some package recipes needed to be patched to work with the new compiler, however these changes has been trickling in for past few releases already.
  • SimpleIOT, one of the core components of Yoe Distro, has been waiting on latest go compiler since it has been needing latest golang features, therefore in this release go compiler has been upgraded to 1.22 major version
  • LVGL components have moved to 9.x major release
  • Yoe Kiosk browser is ported to work with QT 6.7
  • Variscrite SOM based projects e.g. var-som-mx8 has been upgraded to use kernel 6.1 there are issues e.g. WiFi bringup on Symphony reference board
  • nocrypto is used with -mcpu compiler options for rpi3/rpi4, this fixes illegal instruction errors with QTWebengine
  • simpleIOT upgraded to 0.15.3
  • SystemD upgrade to 255.4
  • libxml2 was upgraded to 2.12+ in Core layer, which resulted in several packages being fixed for API breakage due in this version of libxml2

The XZ open source attack

A few articles about the recent xz open source attack:

This incident illustrates the real problem of maintainer burnout and how nefarious individuals can take advantage of this. We also see how the OSS advantage of many eyes also works and this problem was caught fairly early.

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