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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

If you don't continually improve, you soon lose the ability to do so …

Upcoming and new major Core component upgrades in Yocto 5.0

Upcoming yocto release 5.0 in April 2024, is also a LTS release, therefore it becomes important to note various components going into it. Recently, systemd 255 was merged. Python 3.12 is also merged.

There are other components close to release which are very likely to make into the LTS release.

Glibc 2.39 is in freeze mode in release process as it is due to be released in early February. Clang-18 is branched out and scheduled to release in early march. Binutils, which provides low-level tools for compiler code generation is branched out for upcoming 2.42 release.

For C/C++ compiler, GCC-14 is major annual release upcoming in Early May. It is done with features and currently fixing regressions and documentation. Sadly, it will be missed in yocto 5.0 release.

RFC: Riding the JetStream

The initial experiments with NATS JetStream have been successful, so working on an architecture document for using it as the SIOT store:

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The Secrets Behind Toyota’s Bullet-Proof Reliability

This article about Toyota is interesting:

Some quotes:

Compared to traditional manufacturing paradigms, Toyota empowers employees to halt production to address possible improvements or existing issues.

As we distill the essence of Toyota’s philosophy, we find wisdom that applies to our daily lives.

  • The principles of Kaizen teach us the value of continuous improvement, reminding us to seek and implement beneficial changes, however small, into our daily routines
  • Jidoka highlights the importance of recognizing problems at their earliest stages and addressing them immediately rather than escalating them
  • Focusing on practicality reminds us to prioritize sustainability and long-term benefits over short-term gains.
  • Finally, the pursuit of innovation, as showcased by the Woven City project, encourages us to explore and embrace new technologies such as the use of solid-state batteries in EVs for a better tomorrow

The story of Toyota is a roadmap to progress and sustainability - not just in the automotive world but in our daily lives as well. As we navigate our paths, it’s worth keeping these principles close to heart.

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