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Welcome to the 59th issue of TMPDIR, a weekly newsletter 📰 covering Embedded Linux, IoT systems, and technology in general. Please pass this on to anyone else you think might be interested. Suggestions and feedback are welcome at ✉️

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Khem and Cliff

Quote for the week

The most valuable asset in the software industry is the synthesis of programming skill and deep context in the business problem domain, in one skull. -- Denis Čahuk

Yoe 2023.07 release 🚀

The latest monthly release of yoe distro is available now. This release contains GCC 13.2 upgrade, which is a bugfix only release in GCC 13 release series. Aarch64 now uses -mbranch-protection=standard for all packages, this enables both Arm Pointer Authentication (PAC) & Branch Target:work Enablement (BTI) this should improve security but hardening code from Return Oriented Programming (ROP) attacks. Autoconf is upgraded to 2.72c, which should help configuring packages using 64-bit time_t on 32bit architectures. Testing is improved for glibc and rust.

QT6 in Yoe

Starting with the 2022.06 release, Yoe has been migrating to using QT6, A new image yoe-kiosk-image is added which packages yoe-kiosk-browser which is based on QT6Webengine and is optimized for Web based UI's. The migration to use QT6 will be ongoing for 2-3 releases. CI/CD has started using QT6 images as well. yoe-kiosk-image will work on arm/arm64/x86/x86_64 architectures since these are supported architectures for QT6Webengine

Yoe/SimpleIoT Screenshots with various GUI platforms

We are continuing to improve the integration of Yoe, yoe-kiosk-browser, and Simple IoT on touchscreen devices where the system boots and shows a browser UI with the Simple IoT UI.

Below are some recent screenshots.

Boot splash



Weston is a good choice if you need to run multiple GUI applications at the same time and need a window manager.




EGLFS is a good choice if you want to run a single GUI application full screen. We sometimes call this Kiosk mode.

This page provides a good overview of the various UI options for embedded Linux devices:

Qt for Embedded Linux

Selecting a GUI platform

With Yoe, it is simple to select the GUI platform using the YOE_PROFILE variable:

YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs"
YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-wayland"
YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-x11"

Yoe does the hard work of setting up all the necessary options to make each of these profiles work.

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