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Welcome to the 32nd issue of TMPDIR Weekly, a newsletter covering Embedded Linux, IoT systems, and technology in general. Please pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested and send any tips or feedback to our forum or

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Beagleboard DT improvements

The Beagleboard team continues to improve their device tree story and now support Linux 5.10.

Static Analyzer with GCC 12

GCC has added static analyser capabilities beginning with gcc-10 and have been improving slowly. Recent patches for the GCC 12 pre-release were posted for OpenEmbedded, and we do see additional warnings being reported in few packages which are clearly due to the new static analyser capabilities. Building the Linux kernel with -fanalyzer enabled could be a good exercise for OpenEmbedded. This article delves into more details.

Support of the Nezha Allwinner D1 in OE

Recently a pull request has been merged to add support for Nezha based SBC to meta-riscv. The Nezha SBC is implemented using the RISCV64 ISA and has been getting good amount of RISCV upstreaming work into various projects. We now have beagleV, Unmatched, and Nezha Allwinner D1 BSPs available in meta-riscv along with QEMU BSPs which are available in OE-Core.


Grafana is a very useful tool to view data over time. Here are some tips on how to use annotations in Grafana.

The Changelog has done a podcast episode with Brian Kernighan. Always interesting to learn from history and why some things may have been so successful.

Why are blogs so effective? In this thread, we explore this topic and reference several cases where others have stopped producing a newsletter and podcast to focus on other forms of media.

Quote for the week

Debugging is anticipated with distaste, performed with reluctance, and bragged about forever. -- Boston Computer Museum

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