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Welcome to the 18th issue of TMPDIR Weekly, a newsletter covering Embedded Linux, IoT systems, and technology in general. Please pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested and send any tips or feedback to our forum or

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An interesting article about how the Facebook team debugs the Linux Kernel at scale. With the drgn tool, they can obtain stack traces from crash dumps, etc.

There is a lot of cleanup activity (see example) in the Yocto project to either upstream or remove old patches. If you know of patches that need upstreamed, please help out!

The Yoe Distro has updated support for the Graphics drivers for the BeagleBone Black. Qt5 and other apps now work again. See several relevant PRs: 622, 623, and 627.

Quickemu is an excellent tool for launching a wide variety of different operating systems quickly, including most Linux distributions, Windows, and MacOS. Try it out -- it is very neat.

We did a quick comparison of yoe-qt5-image and the Debian Buster IoT image sizes. Tradeoffs to consider.


Discovered some more tools for the terminal. All written in Rust, which seems to be a trend.

Quote for the week

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. -- Henry Ford

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