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Welcome to the 6th issue of TMPDIR Weekly, a newsletter covering Embedded Linux, IoT systems, and technology in general. Please pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested and send any tips or feedback to our forum or

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Embedded Linux

  • Yoe Distro 2021.08 is released few days late due to last moment issues in compiling inside docker needed timely fixes in OE-Core and bitbake and ODROID-C4 hardkernel machine being broken due to BSP clean up in meta-odroid, it has many changes as described in
  • Linux Kernel 5.14 was released with features like secret memory areas support with MEMFD_SECRET, more details can be found here.
  • Linux 5.15 development/merge window is open and there are interesting changes lined up in filesystem areas which are of interest for OE/Yocto users too as they do large builds and improvements in filesystem performance are appreciated.


The latest release v0.0.34 of Simple IoT implements caching to improve performance of handling node points.


Quote for the week

Simplicity is hard work. But, there’s a huge payoff. The person who has a genuinely simpler system — a system made out of genuinely simple parts, is going to be able to affect the greatest change with the least work. He’s gonna spend more time simplifying things up front and in the long haul he’s gonna wipe the plate with you because he’ll have that ability to change things when you’re struggling to push elephants around. -- Rich Hickey

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