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Yoe 2022.02 was released with many interesting changes. It includes inclusive language changes across multiple layers especially in core and meta-openembedded and upgrades toolchain components to major new releases:

  • Clang 14.0.0 release candidate
  • Glibc 2.35
  • Binutils 2.38
  • GDB 11.2
  • Go - 1.17.7

All layers are primarily using kirkstone (3.5) yocto project ready branches. This is first Yoe release of 2022!

QT company opensources 5.15.3 LTS release after almost 2 years. The meta-qt5 layer, which provides QT5 for Yocto/Openembedded projects, is currently using 5.15.2 release. It would be interesting to upgrade to 5.15.3 for Yoe Distro as well, since the yoe-qt5-image reference image is based on QT5


Ongoing work continues in Simple IoT to support a duplicate node feature and better understand node lifecycle issues ADR-3. They are related as the duplicate features has the potential to create a large number of nodes quickly if the duplicated node has a lot of descendants.

The new Simple IoT documentation site has been deployed using mdBook -- it is working great! Will have more user documentation updates soon after the duplicate feature is finished.


Trying Julia in a Pluto notebook to run calculations for a circuit design. Initial impressions are positive -- seems to be well suited for the task. While reviewing the language, I've noted a number of interesting features of the language.

If you are looking for a simple personal/small business email server alternative to Postfix, check out Maddy. Maddy is a single binary mail server written Go that has support for all the standard stuff like SMTP, IMAP, TLS, DKIM, etc -- initial experiences are good.

Quote for the week

“Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

  • Thomas C. Gale

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